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Submit ideas for your stoners’ bucket list now
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Im back bitches, submit ideas for your bucket list now

Anonymous said: I'm gonna get high for my first time on Saturday and I'm kinda nervous. It's gonna be outside cause I have no place to do it inside. Any tips? What does it feel like? Do you hallucinate?

Haha ummm I cant tell if this is serious or not lol but i mean you don’t hallucinate idk i dont even remember the first time i got high that was years ago. you’re either going to feel relaxed calm and great or paranoid about getting caught thats how it was for me back in tha good ole days. have fun

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stonerboy98 said: Dude my gf wants to run this blog if you're giving it up are you?


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ali-strictlybusiness said: Your Blog... I Love it! :)

why thank ya! i need to update.

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Anonymous said: What happened to this blog bro? It was fuckin' rad as hell.

I’m a lazy fucker, you want it?

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Anonymous said: good thing getting a dog high is extremely unhealthy for it, but way to encourage that!

OH i didnt know

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imamotherfuckinninja said: x :)

9/10,  dope as fuck, followed :)

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tank-o said: what about smoking out your bestfriend ?? and by that i mean your dog!!! your perro hahahah or is that already on the list ?

yup, #14!!

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